A fast-growing interactive marketing firm needed to mature its existing management practices, establish a formal performance measurement system and develop a plan for evolving its services for a changing marketplace or risk becoming obsolete.

While the firm had grown organically by providing high quality services to clients, it had reached a size in which unstructured management practices and lack of a performance measurement system seriously jeopardized its status as a profitable firm.

The management team was interested in pursuing an aggressive plan for growing the company without understanding the management foundation needed to support an established company.


We divided our work into two major workstreams: completing a detailed assessment of the existing management operations / performance data and redefining the company’s long-term strategic plan and performance goals. The overall objective of the engagement was to build the foundation needed to both manage anticipated growth and attract the capital necessary to sustain the company going forward.

In “Secure the Base,” the assessment of current operations, we conducted a structured causality study of the company’s performance data and determined that the results being reported were not an accurate reflection of actual company performance. We worked closely with senior management to refine existing performance measurement practices to accurately reflect performance.

In “Move the Business Forward,” the development of strategic plan and long-term performance goals, we completed a detailed market analysis; a strategic review of the firm’s core competencies; and a financially viable plan for taking advantage of the evolving marketplace. In conjunction with developing the strategic plan, we worked with senior executives to define the company’s long-term performance goals and identify the metrics necessary to measure progress towards the long-term goals.


The firm was able to reposition itself in the marketplace and secure significant venture capital investment to fund its continued expansion and growth.

Through robust performance management practices, the company was able to proactively monitor business operations and improve operating efficiency by 25%.