A Federal government agency needed to raise awareness of their unique value proposition to internal and external stakeholders.

Within the larger agency and department, there was little understanding of the role of the group. Communication with internal and external stakeholders was highly informal and relied primarily on the personal relationships of one or two senior executives.

The agency’s leadership team had recently worked with MineLight Solutions (MLS) to define a stakeholder outreach program that included a set of internal and external initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the agency and formalizing its communication planning process.


We worked with the agency’s leadership to prioritize each of the initiatives in the stakeholder outreach program. Through this prioritization, we identified two impactful initiatives that could result in quick wins for the agency:

  • Develop a communication document aimed at promoting the agency’s brand recognition among key stakeholders within the larger agency
  • Develop a communication package that would quickly grab the attention and interest of potential partner agencies within U.S. Federal Government

To address both initiatives, we first interviewed key internal and external stakeholders to determine their perceptions of the agency, including its value, its current communication roadblocks, and potential areas for opportunity/improvement.

We then consolidated our findings, identified the need to perform tailored outreach to four different types of audiences, and developed key communication objectives and take-aways for each of the four audience types.

Using the specific communication objectives as our guide, we developed a storyboard for each of the four outreach documents.

We incorporated existing material, stakeholder input and new content to fill in the storyboarded documents in a way that directly addressed and met the communication objectives.


The agency was able to use the communication documents to perform effective outreach to their key stakeholders.

Through use of the communication packages, the agency was able to increase awareness of its role and value among internal stakeholders to 90%.

Through use of the communication packages, the agency was able to improve communication and cooperation with leadership of the larger agency and department.

The agency was able to quickly engage with and educate potential partner agencies on the benefits of collaboration.