A wireless service provider had recently established a highly visible marketing partnership with a sports league requiring the company to build out its network to support a season of sporting events around the continental United States.

The sports league would be utilizing the company’s wireless network during sporting events, exceeding normal capacity demands, thereby requiring the company to provide a temporary increase in capacity and coverage.

The $60M program required managing approximately 20 cell site deployment teams located across the country.


We established a repeatable process for building out the temporary capacity and coverage and an overall plan for managing the logistics of building out the temporary cell sites.

We organized the teams into four geographical regions and established weekly management calls with each region to assess progress at each site.

We worked on a daily basis with deployment teams to manage progress and ensure no milestone deadlines were missed.

After each sporting event, we facilitated a lessons learned call, enabling other deployment teams to learn from each other.


The wireless service provider successfully handled capacity of the nationwide sporting events, meeting its goal of minimizing call blocking and dropping.