A global transportation company had recently formed a Channel Strategy group to design and implement an enterprise-wide channel management strategy that would synchronize customer touchpoints across the company and deliver a seamless customer experience.

The Channel Strategy team had established a channel management process for the limited number of projects internal to the Marketing organization but still needed to expand those channel management practices enterprise-wide.

The team had been tasked with embedding channel management practices into the company’s enterprise-wide product/service development process.


We first identified the activities that were essential for completing a meaningful customer experience cross-channel analysis within the context of the enterprise-wide process. We also worked with the process owners to define the desired outcomes of the analysis and how those outcomes would feed in as inputs into other parts of the process.

We then examined the details of the existing process and determined where to embed channel management activities, leveraging existing activities when possible.

We created user-friendly tools for completing the customer experience cross-channel analysis and capturing the cross-channel coordination requirements, the main outcome of the analysis.

Finally, we developed the supporting training and checklist materials required for successfully embedding into the existing process.


The Channel Strategy group successfully embedded a user-friendly channel management analysis into the enterprise-wide product/service development process.

The company was able to significantly improve its performance in delivering seamless customer experiences across its many channels.