An administrative shared services provider within the federal government was required to provide its customers with a quarterly performance assessment report that measured actual performance against agreed upon target service levels.

The data required to develop the performance report was captured across five disparate systems.

The primary tracking system used by the service provider required customers and staff to manually enter information and key milestone dates. As a result, the required data was inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate.


We worked with subject matter experts within the shared service provider to gain an understanding of how the data was being captured in each of the systems and developed an assessment of the accuracy of the data being captured and identified gaps within the data.

Using the data contained in the Departmentally mandated systems as a baseline, we began cleansing the data contained in the primary tracking system and began closing gaps in the data.

Using a consolidated and cleansed set of data, we worked with the impacted functions within the shared service provider to further improve the accuracy of data captured.

We then used the improved, consolidated data set as a framework for facilitating a joint customer / service provider working session to review performance data and develop agreed upon target service levels for the high impact administrative services being provided.

We established a small standing working team of customer and service provider representatives to review performance data captured for the high impact services on a biweekly basis and revised the data as needed in order to provide a comprehensive and accurate reporting of the services provided.

Using accurate and universally agreed upon data, we developed an executive-level performance report that is shared with service provider and customer senior management on a quarterly basis.


A significant increase in customers’ satisfaction with the quality and timeliness of delivery of high impact services provided by the shared service provider.

A clear, universal understanding across customer and service provider leadership on target service levels for high impact services and accurate and transparent reporting on whether the target service levels are being met.

An established mechanism for customer concerns to be communicated and resolved at a working team level rather than being escalated to senior management for resolution.