A successful and growing consumer electronics company had reached a size in which the ad hoc communication between its marketing and sales channels had started to result in customer confusion and lower customer satisfaction.

The company wanted to continue its aggressive growth without sacrificing its high customer experience standards but realized that its marketing and sales function was not scalable.

The company required a clear, unified customer experience vision and a supporting marketing plan in order to continue growing its profitable business while achieving high customer satisfaction.


Our approach was to first survey the different stakeholder groups on their understanding and impressions of the program to date. We also asked about cultural biases/preferences towards specific forms of media and asked for each group to nominate communication leads to help drive key messages of the program.

We enlisted the assistance of the President to insure each stakeholder group understood senior management buy-in to the success of the program.

We defined baseline and dynamic metrics that identified participation levels, key message comprehension, and media effectiveness for each stakeholder group.


After implementing the marketing and communications plan, the marketing and sales function improved its performance in delivering consistent messages to customers regardless of channel.

With the marketing and communications plan in place, the company was able to maintain its high customer experience standards while continuing to grow aggressively.